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Whether you are moving to new premises, want to brighten up your office, need a complete new office furniture fitout, or just want to squeeze in a few more workstations, Officeway is here to assist you with prices that may surprise and service that will delight. Get in touch if you’d like to know how to:

  • Fit as many desks as possible into your office
  • Make your office look amazing
  • Maximise your workspace
  • Make the most of a small office
  • Maximise your storage
  • Plan your office workspace layout
  • Work out the right size boardroom / meeting table you need
  • How to arrange your training room

Don’t know where to start? Explore our ideas for Melbourne office fitouts, then follow these easy steps.



Select Furniture from Our Range Designed for Office Furniture Fitouts

Once the layout is determined, we can work with you on office furniture styles and colour schemes to create the image, look and feel you desire.
Matching workstation proportions to your available space could mean that we can squeeze in another row of desks. Choosing the right storage units can reduce your filing footprint. Having the right design of chairs can reduce absenteeism due to nagging back pain. Officeway can make a difference to your bottom line!


We Install Office Fitouts Melbourne Wide

Now that you have your office design and plan with the image you desire, it’s time for you to relax and rest assured we will manage your project from start to finish.
Officeway delivers and installs your office furniture in close consultation with you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding Office Furniture Fitouts

What safety rules apply to office fitouts in Melbourne?
Worksafe have published a free guide to health and safety in the office covering risk management, hazards, job and work environment design, office layout, workstations, furniture, working with computers, exercises, manual handling, and advice. No time to wade through 100 pages? Let Officeway design safety into your work environment.

I am relocating; how much space do I need?
As a general rule of thumb, you need 10 -14 m2 for a basic workstation, 14 -20 m2 for a supervisor office, and 20 – 30 m2 for an executive suite. These figures include an allowance for passageways.  The art of skilful planning is to minimise these. You can use this office space calculator to obtain a rough estimate of the space you need. Alternatively, you could save yourself the trouble, and requisition one of our free Melbourne office fitout plans.

Do open plan office furniture fitouts really save space?
Yes they do. If you build a cellular office out of brick and mortar, or drywall partitioning you are pretty much hogtied by the building module in terms of the ceiling grid and outside windows. Free flowing modular workspace using screens as partitions offers you the opportunity to right size workspace more accurately.

I am planning a conference room but can’t decide on the table shape
That’s a perfectly normal problem because every situation is different. Consider using the modular tables we have included in dozens of office fitouts Melbourne businesses have ordered from us. We supply alternate conference and training layouts using the same furniture in your chosen space, so you can double up the productivity of your meeting room.

I am running out of space and I can’t afford to expand, can Officeway help?
We have more than 20 years’ experience of designing and installing office fitouts, where we optimize the use of space, and increase the building’s productivity. It’s the business that we are in.