10 Clever Ways to Substitute and Save

bucket of money


Most of us don’t have bottomless buckets of money. We all need to get the most bang for our buck without compromising on quality.

With a little research (or get us to do it for you!) you can substitute many of your day to day stationery and general office supplies for equivalent products for a fraction of the price.

For example, the Niceday Range © product range is an office supplies brand exclusive to Office National has many cheaper alternatives to the well known brand names. Our relentless team at head office in Sydney went through an exhaustive process of putting various potential suppliers through their paces to source products that provide reliable quality at the lowest possible price.

Here are some examples of where you can save $$$

1.  Roll On With This

If you love a smooth writing pen where the ink starts as soon as it touched the paper, the Niceday Rollerball Pen pen is for you, and 43% cheaper than Pentel.

Niceday Rollerball Pen

Niceday Rollerball Pen
43% Cheaper than Pentel R50

2.  Stay on the Ball…point

Do pens tend to go for walks and never return? Does it seem like you go through them like water? If you looking for a cheapy but still great quality ballpoint pen, check out the Niceday Ballpoint pens. 39% cheaper than name brands.

Niceday Ballpoint Pen 39% Cheaper than Artline 8210

Niceday Ballpoint Pen
39% Cheaper than Artline 8210

3. Highlight the Benefits

Why pay more when you can get these great fast drying, water based highlighters? Half the price of the others.


51% Cheaper than Stabilo Boss

4.  Sub Your Whiteboard Markers

We sell loads of these markers. Have you made the switch yet?

whiteboard marker cheap

56% cheaper than Artline 500A

5.  And the Board Too!

These easy to clean, dry erase magnetic whiteboards come with everything you need to wallmount and have a 1 year warranty

cheap whiteboard

The niceday 1200 x 900 is 37% cheaper than Penrite

6.  Divide and Conquer

Ideal for everyday use these dividers are made from tough, flexible 130 micron polypropylene plastic to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use

cheap pp A4 dividers niceday

59% cheaper than the Marbig alternative

7.  Stick with It

Water based and non toxic. Suitable for everyday use.

niceday glue stick cheap

30% Cheaper than UHU

8.  Permanent Markers, Permanent Savings

Permanent, low odour, non-toxic marker offers quality nib and ink for long lasting every day use

niceday cheap permanent markers

40% Cheaper Than Artline

9.  Save on the Staple Items

Strong and sturdy half strip stapler perfect for everyday office stapling

cheap niceday half strip stapler

A whopping 67% cheaper than Rexel Matador

10. Inks Cartridges and Toners

In case you missed our previous post, click here to see how you can make big savings on toners.

Compatible Toner

It’s not all about price, of course. We are here to do everything we can to make your job easier in any way we can. That’s why our motto is “above and beyond”. If you need help with looking for ways to substitute your office supply needs, if you would like to see product samples or want help with any aspect of the office supplies ordering and supply process, contact us today and we will get an account manager to personally assist you.


To order office supplies, please head to www.officewayon.com.au (you need to login to see pricing)

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