Pfft! I have HEAPS of time to order diaries, don’t I?

We have 2017 diaries in stock. You didn’t want to hear that just yet, did you?

Every year we are shocked. “Wow! Where did the year go?” “This year’s gone so fast!” “It feels like we just started the year and now we’re over half way through!” “What do you mean it’s 20 weeks until Christmas!?!” “Why do the shops already have Christmas decorations up?”

You’d think we’d eventually adapt and stop being shocked, but no. We continue to be stunned each year.

At the time of writing, it’s August 2016. We have 2017 diaries in stock for 2017. Every year in October, November and later we have customers placing orders for diaries of the following year, feeling super organised and happy with themselves, and being shocked when they can’t have everything they ordered because some of it is already sold out. Completely understandable. Intuitively, you would think you should be able to buy, say 2017 diaries in 2017.


The problem is, diaries have a limited life span. No manufacturer wants to be left with left over stock in February because by then they probably won’t be selling them at all. So they try to make just enough.

So every year I try to get the message out and warn people.

So here I go again!

This year, if you order 2017 Diaries before October 31st 2016 (but I’d recommend not leaving it that late) you go in the draw to win $1000 worth of Apple products! I’d like that prize myself, but I can’t enter.

Details of the competition can be found on the diary catalogue and order form which you can download here.

Or you can go to our stationery web site and order online.

If you need help with anything, please contact us on 03 9794 7177 or emailĀ  [email protected]

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