7 Of The Coolest Offices In The World

As the years progress, we are beginning to realise the importance of working in an office space that is both comfortable and inspiring. Some companies really seem to nail this, creating a cool office space for their employees that are fun and functional; places where it feels like you’re almost not coming to work at all. We’ve come up with a list of the top seven coolest offices in the world for your inspiration.


1. Airbnb Office

The Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco have made their office space feel as though it’s one of the trendy apartments they might have featured on their own website. The kitchen is homely, with pots hanging from the ceiling and cereal in bins for employees to use for their breakfast. The décor is eclectic and bright, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling in some spaces and disco balls decorating other rooms. You’re even allowed to bring your dog with you to work!

Airbnb cool office design


2. Hubud Co-Working Office

This co-working office space in Ubud, Bali is built entirely out of bamboo. Many people of different backgrounds from all around the world come to this space to work on their own projects, often getting tips and learning from other people around them. The office features a raw café and a couple of air conditioned meeting rooms where skill share talks and other events are held daily. But our favourite part about this place is the desks overlooking the rice paddies – very Bali!

Hubud co-working office space


3. Google Office Designs

You could hardly write this list without featuring Google. To entice creativity and productivity among its workers, Google has created a bright and colourful working space in its offices. There are slides linking floors, surfboards decorating the walls, a full cinema with mismatched furniture and employees go to meetings in hot air balloon baskets decked out with seating. It looks like the ultimate hot desking office space.

Google Office Slide


4. Lego Office Denmark

Giant Lego artworks are scattered throughout the office space, employees can wind down with a game of table football, and like the Google office there is also a slide to help you get to the lower floors. There are communal desks dotted around too, placed in between tall bookcases displaying different lego sets – and employees are encouraged to break the Lego out and play with it for further inspiration. You wouldn’t expect any less from one of the biggest toy companies in the world, especially at the headquarters of Lego in Denmark!

Lego Office Denmark


5. Kickstarter Office

The vintage cool office design at Kickstarter suits its location in Brooklyn, New York. The vintage feel created using an old factory space is delightful and the building even features its own library with floor to ceiling bookcases. The factory walls have been replaced with huge glass windows letting in lots of light and in the centre of the building is a green space where employees can have their lunch. Best of all, many of the materials used in the refurbishment of the building were recycled.

Kickstarter vintage cool office


6. Hootsuite Office

Hootsuite make their employees feel at home. There are huge murals colouring the walls to encourage creativity in the space and if you want some privacy, you can go work at a desk inside one of the pitched camping tents scattered around. The camping theme continues in the cabin, where there are camp beds decked out with pillows and blankets, in case you want to get some shut eye after lunch. And, if you’d rather get active, there’s a gym to work out in. On Fridays, head to the bar, where they have beer on tap!

Hootsuite Camping Cool Office Space


7. Adobe Office

The Abobe office space in Utah is huge and built from a lot of glass, meaning light floods in to the working spaces throughout the building. Employees are encouraged to stay active with an indoor climbing wall, a basketball court and a gym. And if you’re looking for some down time, you can always head to the comfortable lounge area and play a game on the huge TVs.

Adobe Utah Office


And there you have it – some of the coolest offices in the world. Which one is your favourite?

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