The Essential Office Fitout Guide

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Whether you are moving premises or are just looking to rejuvenate your current work space, our Essential Office Fitout Guide below will help you evaluate priorities when fitting out your office.

Essential Office Fitout Guide Infographic


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“The Essential Office Fitout Guide” Infographic Transcription

Whether you are moving premises or are just looking to rejuevenate your current work space, there are many things to consider when fitting out your office.


Number of staff
Your work space should accommodate all of your staff with out making them feel claustrophobic. Also allow enough space to accommodate extra staff for when your business grows.
Open or Closed office layout
An open plan layout will allow staff members to communicate easily on a regular basis, where as a closed layout will allow staff to work with out interuption.
Your target customers
If your customers will be visiting your premises on a regular basis, you will need to take into consideration who your key demographic will be as this will affect the colours and layout that you choose.
Again, this relates to who will be visiting your office. Depending on who your customers/staff are, you many require disability access or simply extra security.


Floor Plan
An extremely important element to consider for your fitout. Your space should be efficient and practical, while optimizing every square metre of you space to create the best work flow possible.
Ensuring that every inch of your work space is has ample lighting is extremely impo ant as it will not only help to prevent work place accidents but will also help keep your staf productive.
Colour Scheme
This is an element that is o en overlooked when planning a fitout. The right colour scheme can help provide stimulus to promote the right mood for your office. This can boost productivity.
Comfort and Safety
Aside from avoiding work place injueries, a comfo able and ergonomic work space is vital to achieving maximum productivity from your employees.


A wrokspace appraisal will help determine what your workspace requirements are. This will also help determine whether a relocation is required to achieve the best outcome.
The planning phase is crucial to the final outcome of your fitout. This is where you decide on the best way to achieve the most appropriate and cost effective solution that meets your requirements.
While design still falls under the planning phase, this part of it focuses more on the ‘look and feel’ of your refitted work space and how to best create a space that reflects your business objectives.
This will depend on your budget. In some cases all work will be carried out by employees to cut costs, while in others a third party will be contracted to complete all of the work. This must be decided on before work comenses.
Many businesses rent their work space. As such, changes to your office may require wri en consent from your landlord before work comenses.
Future Proofing
You will, obviously, want your office to reflect your current business objectives.
However, it is impo ant to consider the future growth of your business and how your new fitout will accommodate for it.


  • Skipping the Design/Planning phase
  • Not establishing a solid budget before starting
  • Ignoring Health & Safety considerations
  • Employing a one size fits all solution
  • Failing to future proof your new fitout
  • Not obtaining written permission from the Landlord

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