6 Office Design Trends for 2016

Office Trends 2016

Any business owner worth their salt should think carefully about the design of their office space in order to ensure that their employees are happy and productive, and to present well to clients. So what are some of the hottest office design trends for 2016 that savvy business owners can jump on?

Technology meets design.
Nowadays, technology and office furniture are not at two ends of a spectrum, they are becoming more and more integrated. In the personal realm, this has led to things like the Fitbit and other popular wearable technology. But now, the workplace is also catching up with this trend.

Office Furniture Technology TrendsFor example, there are now smart chairs that constantly monitor a person’s seating position to ensure they maintain a posture that enables them to work productively and with their long-term health in mind. And then there are desks that have tablets integrated into the top of them – something really impressive and useful for clients visiting the workplace.

Big, bold colours.
The colour palette of the corporate world has been reserved to cool shades and uninspiring greys for too long. But in 2016 it’s all changed, and offices are beginning to use all of the many hues on the colour wheel. Bigger, bolder colours are going to be on display in office spaces like never before, and it’s about time. The colours around us have a huge effect on our moods, and considering that most people are in an office for around 8 hours a day, colour choices can really make a difference in the lives of employees. Block colours work well, but many office fit-outs are now incorporating geometric patterns into their designs as well.

Bringing the outside in.
Okay, most business owners are aware that having some greenery in the office is a good thing. But in 2016, this is going to extend way beyond a few potted plants in the communal kitchen.

Green Office Trends 2016Businesses are starting to think in a much smarter way about bringing natural elements into an office, including things like interior Japanese zen gardens, and living walls on office interior walls.

As well as adding a touch of natural beauty to a workspace, this office design trend can also help to destress your employees as greenery has been found to calm people down in high pressure situations. Those tense conference calls will be a breeze!

The social experience.
In any business, team work is necessary, and team work can only function successfully if your employees are given the chance to bond with each other. It’s for this reason that “the social experience” is becoming a priority for workplaces, and it’s something that will be cemented in 2016. Office fit outs that encourage social interaction can include shared office furniture such as giant beanbags and long benches, and it might even include whole games rooms kitted out with things like ping pong tables and board games.

Playing house at the office.
Given that people spend most of their days inside an office, it’s remarkable that it’s taken until now for offices to really take on a homely look and feel. If you want to follow this office design trend, the devil is in the detail. To create a homely atmosphere inside an office, there are many different things that you can do. You can hang up paintings and photographs of your employees’ choosing, integrate decorative lighting features that are far removed from the clinical strip lighting of most workspaces, and incorporate comfortable seating areas with couches, cushions, and beanbags.

Collaborative work spaces.
The social spaces of an office are really important for staff during off-duty bonding time, but the actual places where people collaborate and work together are extremely important too, and 2016 will see a much bigger focus on collaborative spaces. This means that office fit outs for 2016 will see lots of walls being knocked down and complete spaces will be reimagined. Private cubicles will give way to shared desk space, and meeting rooms will incorporate greater tools for collaboration such as interactive whiteboards.

If you are a business owner, make sure that you harness all of these office design trends to give your business the boost that it deserves in 2016.

Image sources: Green Diary, DOAR


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