The 4 F’s hack to getting your office desk organised

Need help knowing how to get your office desk organised? When paperwork gets out of control and piles up everywhere, it can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed.

How to organise your desk

Feeling overwhelmed?

Hit the reset button and clear your mind by clearing your desk.

organise your desk

Get your office desk sorted!


I learned this gem years ago from organising expert┬áLissanne Oliver and it’s a great way to simply the process of sorting through that daunting pile of paperwork. It’s not insurmountable if you first start by organising your paperwork into 4 categories.
1. Finish It

This is for items that are current items that are still on the go. Current work projects, unpaid bills, correspondence and so on.

2. Forward It

Some of the clutter causing paperwork sometimes belongs in someone else’s space. Filled in forms yet to be handed in. Borrowed items etc.

This concept can be applied to non paperwork items too. Have a storage box for items that have outgrown their usefulness for you, but may be of value to another and make regular donations to the Salvos, Red Cross and the like. Anything that is no longer useful to you is clutter.

3. File It
This is all the paperwork you need to keep for future reference. It’s for the stuff you absolutely need. This will be a large pile.

4. Flick It
My favourite category, since it’s the easiest. This is the “bin it” pile! If in doubt, throw it out! If unsure, it’s out the door! Gone! Yay!

So I’ve got my 4 F’s. Now what?

– Forward & Finish….

how to get your office desk organised

Separate your current paperwork using trays

You can keep your “Forward It’ and “Finish It” piles in desk trays. Makes sure to keep checking those papers to see if they still belong there!

I love the Full Adhesive Post It’s for quick and easy labelling. Code 7024550

The trays pictured are Italplast Pink, code 7011384.

#tip: When browsing our stationery web site, simply click on “register” on the top right to be able to view pricing

File It

get your office desk organised

Papers easily stay in order in folders

Filing paperwork into folders is #1 recommended way to sort papers. Most recent items end up on top and papers can easily stay in order and be categorised with dividers

Picture here are the Bantex Fruit Lever Arch folders.

If you prefer filing into filing cabinets, click here to find the suspension files, manilla folders and tabs you’ll need.

Get your office desk organised

If you prefer filing cabinets – these are the best value & include tabs & inserts

Flick it

Be ruthless and fill up your recycle bin!

Check our bin range here

recycle bin

Let it go! Let it go!

Don’t be Afraid to Ask For HELP!!

That’s what we at Officeway Office National Dandenong are here for! We want to help you. That’s what we do. We love to do more than just fill orders. We know our stock really well as we’ve been doing this for ages (we’ve been around since 1991!). And we keep learning. Anything we don’t know we will find out. So we can help you find the items that will help you keep your paperwork in order just the way you want it.

The tips included above are general, but everyone is unique and we can help find the best products to help you achieve your goal.

We’re Am I Going to Fit All This STUFF?!

You’ll need somewhere to put all these folders or suspension files. If you can have a big clear out and empty bookcases, filing cabinets and shelving you currently have, that may be all you need.

If you know you need extra filing space or shelving, but don’t know where to find room for it, please contact us! A big service we offer is furniture layouts. This is a free, no obligation service which people find a huge help.

Officeway Office National – we are located in Dandenong South. We service South East Melbourne suburbs, Melbourne wide, and some regional areas. – Stationery Office Supplies Web Site – Office Furniture Web Site – This is the web site for Lissanne Oliver, organisation expert


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