Getting the most out of your office reception area

Office Reception AreaIt takes just five seconds for someone to form a first impression of you. That’s not much time at all!

In business, creating a positive first impressions is vital – and an office reception area is one of the key factors in making sure those five seconds are well spent.

According to Harvard Business School social psychologist Amy Cuddy, when meeting someone for the first time, we form two impressions – judging a person’s intentions and also their skills and competence.

What’s true in the personal sphere tends also to be true in business, so your reception area must show that you have good intentions and can deliver strong, professional service.

The key to creating a brilliant office reception area is to create a strong, elegant area that simultaneously welcomes and shows off your professionalism.

Roll out the welcome mat

An office reception area has one big function: to welcome clients and customers to your business.

From the moment they walk in the door to when they step out again, your reception area should be a place where they feel comfortable and also get a positive impression of your organisation and its people.

From having tasteful office reception furniture to setting out an area where people can wait in comfortable chairs, it’s vital to create a place that makes people feel good when they step onto your home turf.

Clean lines, modern fixtures and tasteful furnishings help create a feeling of professionalism and style, setting the tone for the meeting you’re about to hold and the impression the client takes away with them.

Keep your style simple

It can be tempting to make your office reception area a flashy advertisement for your business with posters and banners galore. But at Office Way, we think less is more.

A beautifully styled office reception desk can provide an elegant statement, setting a great mood for the room while also providing a highly functional and efficient workspace for reception staff.

You can then add art and framed posters and put your logos on the walls, with the reception desks and office reception furniture acting as the foundation.

Pay attention to the little things

A reception area can also double as a waiting area – and you want to make sure waiting clients are as comfortable as possible.

In addition to providing seats, including things like coffee machines, a rack of magazines and even power points for charging laptop computers and smartphones can make people feel right at home and create a positive first impression.

The reception area of a business offers a glimpse into its inner workings – so make sure you show that your firm is a welcoming, friendly place.

Create great first impressions with Officeway

At Office Way, we know the value of creating a great first impression. Our extensive range of high quality office reception furniture can help you create the perfect entrance to your business, showing off your professionalism and your hospitality.

What does your business currently do to welcome customers in your reception area? Let us know in the comments.

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