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Fix Your Staff Problems

Fix Your Staff Problems Need to fix your staff problems? We cover a wide range of issues in this interview with Deborah, Danni and Dina from HR Staff n Stuff. Here is the transcript: Olivia: My name is Olivia.  I work at Officeway Office National, we are a business-to-business supplier of stationery and office furniture.… Read more »

Investing In An Office Coffee Machine - 4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Investing In An Office Coffee Machine – 4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Investing In An Office Coffee Machine – 4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Everybody can relate to the feeling of turning up to work and needing an immediate caffeine fix. In this case, there’s nothing more disappointing than opening the cupboard to find bland instant coffee. An office coffee machine is a worthy investment… Read more »

how to market to your niche

Talking to everybody means talking to nobody.

A process for defining an end user profile and answer the question “Who am I targeting?” Ever heard the phrase “If you’re talking to everybody, you’re in fact talking to nobody”? If you’ve met with a marketing person, one of the very first things they will ask is “Who’s your customer? Who are you targeting… Read more »

Open plan office design Melbourne

Open Plan Office Designs: Solutions and Tips

When considering how to best create an open plan office design, there are many factors to weigh up. What layout will promote collaboration and team work? How do you prevent too much noise? How do you ensure staff get recognized for their work, and therefore are motivated and inspired to do their best work? It… Read more »

colour code your office

Colour Code Your Office

Colour Code Your Office Colour code your office! Not only does it make your office look great, but it’s a way you can recognise easily what various paperwork and so on relates to. Just assign a meaning to each colour and go from there! For example: Green = Money & Finance Red = Medical Orange… Read more »

pretty office stationery

Pretty Office Stationery. Because aesthetics matter.

Pretty Office Stationery. Because aesthetics matter. Say “No” to boring office stationery. Because science. Say “Yes!” to pretty stationery. We now know that brain function is integrated. Emotion and cognition are interdependent. There is also much data to show that positive emotions are particularly important for learning, solving problems, creative work, and innovation. This is… Read more »

Aspendale Bookcase. Wooden bookcase

Sort out the clutter and get organised

Shelving, Cupboards, Filing Cabinets – The Super Heroes of Your Office! If you’re are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it may be wise to invest some time in clearing and sorting your office space. This will help you clear your mind and get on with working more efficiently. If you missed our blog on the “The 4… Read more »

Getting the most out of your office reception area

It takes just five seconds for someone to form a first impression of you. That’s not much time at all! In business, creating a positive first impressions is vital – and an office reception area is one of the key factors in making sure those five seconds are well spent. According to Harvard Business School… Read more »