Merlin Filing Bank and Pigeon Hole Hutch – List of Standard Sizes



Below are all the standard sizes for the items in the photo above.

To order, please call us on 03 9794 7177 or email [email protected]

File Bank Options:

Description Price
Filing Bank 4 File – 2H x 2W, 923W $575
Filing Bank 6 File – 2H x 3W, 1366W $775
Filing Bank 8 File – 2H x 4W, 1810W $960

Pigeon Hole Hutch Options

Description Price
Pigeon Hole Hutch 923W – 15 holes $480
Pigeon Hole Hutch 1366W – 25 holes $620
Pigeon Hole Hutch 1810W – 30 holes $750


*Optional locks are $49 per each top drawer


This Australian Made range comes fully assembled and carries a 7 year warranty.