Taskmaster Sit Stand Desk Tilt Adjustable


This unique sit/stand desk converts from flat fold, to a sitting, then standing position with great ease. Allowing multi function usage with multiple height settings, the Upside is perfect for all classrooms, study areas, libraries and also is a handy lectern. It even has castors to allow quick movement from one area to another

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Desk Size Price
Taskmaster Desk1140 X 880 $1149.00

* The Taskmaster is a compact economical manual Sit Stand alternative. The desk features a split surface top

* The front surface has a gas lift height adjustment that is quickly released or fastened with two clamps

* A foot pedal assists the user to adjust the top to the desired height

* The top can be tilted via a leaver and locked in to any position within a 35 degree arc

* There is also a book edge to stop books and documents from falling off

* A heavy weighted base provides great stability whilst in use

* Desk Height Min: 730mm. Desk Height Max: 1170mm

* Height adjustable top width: 1130mm. Height adjustable top depth: 510mm

* Fixed height top (back) width: 1130mm. Fixed height top (back) depth: 275mm

* Overall top width: 1130mm. Overall top depth: 830mm


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