Freestanding Partitions


Locally made, these partitions are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours.


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Description Price
Partition 1200H x 1500W $239
Partition 1200H x 1800W $249
Partition 1200H x 2100W $429
Partition 1300H x 1500W $275
Partition 1300H x 1800W $290
Partition 1300H x 2100W $429
Partition 1500H x 1200W $239
Partition 1500H x 1500W $297
Partition 1500H x 1800W $299
Partition 1500H x 2100W $439
Partition 1800H x 1200W $249
Partition 1800H x 1500W $299
Partition 1800H x 1800W $360
Partition 1800H x 2100W $449
Partition 2100H x 1200W $429
Partition 2100H x 1500W $439
Partition 2100H x 1800W $449




Since these are locally manufactured, many more fabric coverings and sizes are possible. Contact us for more infomation.

**Also available with Mobile feet for an additional $66




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