Freestanding Fire Resistant Partitions


Made from fire resistant properties. Black only.

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Description Price
Partition 1200H x 1500W $375
Partition 1200H x 1800W $390
Partition 1200H x 2100W $660
Partition 1300H x 1500W $468
Partition 1300H x 1800W $495
Partition 1300H x 2100W $660
Partition 1500H x 1200W $375
Partition 1500H x 1500W $475
Partition 1500H x 1800W $498
Partition 1500H x 2100W $665
Partition 1800H x 1200W $390
Partition 1800H x 1500W $498
Partition 1800H x 1800W $578
Partition 1800H x 2100W $670
Partition 2100H x 1200W $660
Partition 2100H x 1500W $665
Partition 2100H x 1800W $670


The Soundmesh G8 used in these partitions have fire resistant properties as described in detail below. They also have high sound absorbtion properties.


Available in black only.




Key features:


  • Soundmesh G8 is a non-combustible material:


Soundmesh G8 has AS/MZS 3837 Group 1 fire rating. It is non-flammable. The photos below show how Soundmesh G8 blocks out fire when FG50 (Panel) is exposed to a naked flame.




  • The unique sound absorption mechanism with high sound absorptions:


Soundmesh® G8 is a smart material which breaks down the soundwave, then traps and dissipates the remaining soundwave as shown in Figure 1. Therefore S.K. Acoustic Partitions have exceptionally high sound absorption, resulting in one of the most effective sound absorbing panels for applications such as commercial buildings, offices, restaurants, school halls, swimming pools and so on.





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