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I met Karen Culjack from New Horizons For Life at a business networking meeting.

She came across is very genuine and passionate about her chosen career. Karen was excited about the opportunity of helping people transform their lives by tapping into maximising the power of their minds.

It was a pleasure to sit down and find out more about how we can program our minds for success.

Karen is a coach. She works with people to transform their minds, so that they can transform their lives.

A Cognitive Behavioural Coach helps identify core patterns of thinking that cause them to behave the way that they do.

It’s the place you need to start to transform any area of your life. It can be used to:  

  • Improve productivity and performance in the workplace
  • Improve parenting skills
  • Work on a relationship
  • Improve confidence in general
  • Develop skills to have mindset to start a business or do something radical in their lives.

“We look at where you are in your life now. What results you are getting? What you are feeling on an emotional level? This gives clues to the thinking that is driving current beliefs and patterns that are holding us back from doing what we want to do.”, says Karen.


“Often we know what to do in life, but something holds us back.

We can see what’s happening in the environment around us. The results we are getting.

We can feel the emotions and fears or the things that light us up and energize us.

A lot of people struggle to identify the thinking behind their feelings. Let alone identifying the belief that’s driving that pattern of thinking.”

Karen explains, “There is knowing and KNOWING. We have belief on 2 levels. We can say we know how to do something, for example, someone may know that they want to increase their income. They know they have to get a couple more sales or a couple more clients and that will increase their income, but their performance on a daily basis doesn’t reflect doing the actions that will help attain those goals.

Having an intellectual belief is one thing. Having the belief and faith on a deep cellular level is where real change can occur.

When we learn to do something, it goes from being an intellectual knowledge to being a part of who we are.

The brain decides what it will accept, distort or reject based on predisposed conditioning.

Some things go to short term memory. Some things go to long term memory bank of the brain.

Learned behaviours are stored in the long term memory. That’s where the real knowing and real learning happens.

Our conscious mind is only responsible for 2-4% of our behaviour.

It’s the subconscious mind that’s driving the show.

That’s why we do life by default, on auto pilot. We don’t take time to stop and think about what we are thinking about. And we wonder why we keep self sabotaging.”

Successful change depends on whether the behaviour we are endeavouring to change is in line with what is already in our long term memory banks.

“If we want to do something that is in line with our predisposed conditioning, we can usually successfully create change in those areas. It’s when our unconscious beliefs are not supporting us that we fail to make changes. That’s when we have to stop and become aware of our thoughts and what is going on.”, Karen explains.

“It’s no harder to change our limiting program than it is to suffer with the struggle and consequences of ones that are not conducive to our success.

It’s taking time to do what you need to do and it can totally change the rest of your life.

Once the new program becomes the default way of thinking, you don’t have to think about it anymore.

70% of the way we think as adults is still being driven by the patterns that were downloaded in our formative years. We upgrade our computers, but we go through life not upgrading the most powerful tool we have.”

As a coach, Karen has different tools, or “modalities” in her toolkit. Some people respond better to one modality, while others respond better to a different modality.

“We (coaches) are trained in using a variety of different modalities to make sure that people have no resistance, because we want to minimise resistance (to the wanted change and new belief) as much as we can.”


Karen had been working with 4 sisterson leadership coaching. Through the coaching process, Karen discovered that they really wanted to start a family business. They had been talking about this for 10 years!

They worked through the fears and obstacles and have now launched their business called “39 Degrees”.

They are now so aligned with their sense of purpose and achieving a dream

They launched the business 5 months ago and are loving the journey

Another client was dissatisfied in her work. After about 6 weeks, she gained the confidence to apply for jobs in positions she never would have gone for. Just by going through the coaching process, she found something that was more in line with her values and gifts.

To see the level of confidence she had and to work through the blocks and beliefs that she had was life changing.

Within a couple of weeks she got a new job and increased her income by $20,000!

Interview conducted by Olivia de Sousa-Ferres

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