Charging What You Are Worth

Charging What You Are Worth (scroll down for video and podcast)

Charging what you are worth is something people struggle with. Actually having to state your price can be daunting for many.  

Ashleigh Alsadie is known as the Cold Calling Queen. She owns and operates The PromoDonna, a company that provides cold calling services for businesses, and she also trains others in how to reach their sales goals. Her background as a Master NLP Coach and actress gives her the skill set and confidence to help others reach their goals.

Being someone who specialises in field that many find terrifying, namely cold calling, Ashleigh knows well how to negotiate this pricing issue, which is a stumbling block for many in the sales process.


Here Are Ashleigh’s Top Tips For Charging What You Are Worth:

✔️ Master your mindset.  Make sure you’re passionate about what you’re selling, that you value it and would pay premium for it too

Really visualise the kind of person you want to be perceived as by your target market. For example, with The PromoDonna, the offshoring firms are big competition for us. But back when I first started the business, I really decided “I want us to be a premium provider. It will be B2B, high end, high quality. I didn’t want us to be in comparison with your average telemarketer that churn and burn through numbers.
So visualising the kind of company i wanted us to be perceived as was important, so that I could then say, “Well, what am I going to charge in order to get that premium perception and deliver that premium service?”.

✔️ Set clear business goals and know your numbers.  If you aren’t clear on your minimum charge-out rate or fees, you won’t be able to achieve a profit

When I started out in business with The PromoDonna, the first year, I thought, “I’m doing pretty well. But I’m very right brain. But my husband, who is an engineer, said “We should do an audit on your business”. And it was amazing! It was so empowering, and the reason why was, he was able to show me all of my numbers. What was I charging? What was I making? It enabled me to set a standard for what should I charge going forward. I could determine what the minimum rate I would have to charge my clients was to break even or make a profit.

✔️ Set yourself up as an expert in your field and make sure everyone knows your value.  Then you can charge what you want!

Use social media. Share information within your industry to position yourself as an expert. Creating blogs, video content, articles, being a guest speaker etc will all help get you seen as an expert in your field.
There are things you can enter your business into (such as business awards) that really help to position you well, that will go a long way to having your target market see you as a premium provider.

The other thing is, make sure you are getting client testimonials and references. Make sure you get lots of them and regularly share them. Show what you’ve achieved for others. This can really help get you over the line and have people be more willing to pay a premium price.

✔️ Simply make the decision today to no longer discount: we all know that sometimes the toughest clients are those that pay the least. It’s probably because they didn’t see value to begin with!

When I train individuals in how to be more successful in selling and prospecting, one of the hot topics is always “How do I charge what I’m worth?”. People have such limiting beliefs around it, and it’s usually that they have these thoughts that “I need to charge less to have people buy from me” or “I need to charge less than my competitors for people to buy from me”. They they offer is probably so valuable. They shouldn’t be thinking that”

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