Officeway are stockist of the Defiance range of certified fire resistant safes, suitable for home or office.

Our fire resistant safes are certified to a high standard for one hour (office/personal safes) or two hours (commercial safes).

Unlike the majority of fire resistant safes on the market which provide 1 hour of fire resistance with a maximum outside temperature of 1000˚C, ours are tested to withstand heat up to 1100˚C, keeping all of your contents in the safe in a usable state when situated in the declared temperature for the stated time.

All of our safes have been independently tested to the highest of standards, including Underwriters Laboratories (UL), SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), and Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS).

To find out about our range of safes, please refer to the PDF catalogue below.

Please note that safes are particularly heavy items and as such delivery and installation needs to be quoted on a Price on Application basis. Please contact us to be quoted on this component. 

Please click on the link above to download our the catalogue.