Mobile Storage: Drawers, Caddies & Trolleys

Mobile storage solutions are just so convenient! With the increase in hot desks and flexi staff arrangements, having storage that can be easily relocated is really a no brainer.

We have put different mobile storage solutions here in one spot. This section includes:

* Mobile pedestal – the most common type of mobile pedestal is the mobile drawers. However, there are also mobile pedestals that feature shelving or CPU storage. They are all designed to fit easily under a standard desk.

* Mobile caddy – besides being a storage item, mobile caddies also can double as a desk return (increasing your desk top space) and if you order with the optional seat cushion (also known as seat toppa), it can also be used as a seat for visitors or impromptu meetings held at your desk.

* Mobile Trolley – great for any workplace. Widely used in the education sector, in early childhood settings, primary schools, secondary schools and universities

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