Waiting Room & Lobby Chairs

Waiting Room, Lobby & Visitor Chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture for many work places. It is the area where your clients generally have plenty of time to gain a first and lasting impression of your organisation. Does your waiting area look good? Does your client feel comfortable and relaxed in the chairs provided? Are the chairs in good condition? How does the upholstery look?  What does your reception desk look like?

Waiting Room, Lobby & Visitor Chairs must meet specific criteria.  Often weight ratings are an important requirement. Waiting room chairs receive constant use from a steady stream of patients and visitors, so they must be strong, sturdy and robust. Many chairs come with the option of coming with and without arm rests. For some patients, it is preferable to have arm rests, as they assist with mobility in moving in and out of the chair.Comfort is important also. Since often it is necessary to purchase many chairs at once, value for money and finding something economical yet reliable is a must.

waiting room chairs

These chairs have been selected with waiting rooms in mind, suitable for any medical centre, lobby, dental clinic, hospitals and any other health care setting. The waiting room & lobby chairs we have selected in this category are our most popular for this particular purpose. However, chairs listed in our “Visitor Chair” category may also be of interest.

In some settings such as hospitals, laboratories and health care settings, having a chair with antimicrobial properties is important to assist in reducing the risk of spreading infections. For this, we have the Florey visitor chair, which is an easy clean chair with Patented Silver Based Antimicrobial Properties which kill 99.9% of bacteria.

In addition to the range of chairs shown below, we can also help you with beam seating. Beam seating is a popular option for waiting rooms, airports, travel lounges and so on. Contact us on 03 9794 7177 or furniture@officeway.com.au so we can discuss your options.

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