My Top 6 Tips to Maximise Storage with Minimum Footprint on Your Office Space

My Top 6 Tips to Maximise Storage with Minimum Footprint on Your Office Space

If you love organisation and are on a mission to get your office storage super tidy and orderly, read on.

Here are my top 6 favourite “go to” items I often recommend to create maximum storage with minimal use of space.

Having been in the office furniture and stationery office supplies business since 1991, we have many years experience helping clients in getting their offices organised to suit their needs. We visit customers at their premises, measure up the office, discuss their needs and possible solutions, then draw up a suggested floor plan for them, (all obligation and cost free). Because we do both furniture and stationery, we have an in depth knowledge of the best items to solve your organisation and storage problems.

  1. Bookcase Hutches

Bookcase hutch

I love bookcase hutches. I have never been without one on my desk. Since they go on the desk top, they don’t take up any extra floor space. I love that you don’t have to go anywhere to get the files you need. You can be on the phone with a client, accessing relevant folders and records quickly and seamlessly.

Whether it’s the right solution for your desk will depend your office layout. Usually, it’s used where one side of the desk (or return) is against a wall, and the hutch is place on that side of the desk. Occasionally, the hutch is used both as a storage solution and to create a partition between 2 desks or between the desk and the rest of the room.

Bookcase hutches are also great to go on top of a buffet credenza. You get extra shelving without taking up extra floor space.

Bookcase hutch - uses

Bookcase hutches are usually used against a wall. Occasionally are used as partition as well as storage (we can do a layout to suit your needs)

2. Mobile Pedestals

Mobile Pedestals

I prefer mobile pedestals to fixed pedestals. Is that jargon? I’ve been in this trade so long, I may be guilty of that. I mean I prefer mobile drawers – with 2 small personal drawers and 1 filing drawer to fixed drawers that are attached to the desk. Again, it takes up no extra floor space, as it goes under the desk. The mobile drawers have bigger storage capacity, and can be easily moved from desk to desk should staff move positions within the office. The filing drawer can be used for suspension files, or for larger personal items.


A mobile pedestal under your desk / workstation give lots of extra storage, yet takes up no extra floor space

3. Mobile Caddies as Returns

Mobile caddies

Mobile caddies create storage, can be used as returns & seats also! (with seat toppa)

This trend has emerged in more recent years. Mobile caddies are brilliant. They have multiple functions.

*They are a storage unit. There are different types, so you have various storage options to choose from (click here to see what I mean).

*They can be used as a desk return, so they give you extra desk top area.

**It can be used as a seat for visitors! Just order with Seat Toppa. Amazing!

4. Compactus / Maxtor / Rolafile / Aislesaver

compactus, maxtor, aisle saver, rolafile

Takes up less space than bookcases

These have been around for decades. Everyone used to call them a Compactus. Now every brand has invented their own name, so no one knows what to call it anymore. Anyway, these rolling shelf unit things take up less space than bookcases, as only one movable aisle is needed . There are different options here, so contact us for guidance and pricing.

5. Compactfile 80

Space saving storage idea

Incredible Space Saver

These round shelving units are super clever. They take up relatively little space, yet save up to 70% floor space. They increase storage capacity up to 100%. They rotate, and files can be accessed from all sides. Click here to find out more. Tip: Please remember to register and sign in to see pricing.

6. Magazine Boxes

Space saving storage idea

Ideal storage solution

In previous posts, I have talked about Lever Arch Folders and Ring Binders being our recommended way to organise and keep your paperwork in order. For booklets, catalogues, manuals etc, that may not want to file in a folder, we love Magazine Boxes. The sit nicely next to your folders, can be clearly labelled and identified.

Need Help?

Help with storage solutions

We are here to help you!

That’s what we at Officeway Office National Dandenong are here for! We want to help you. That’s what we do. We love to do more than just fill orders. We know our stock really well as we’ve been doing this for ages (we’ve been around since 1991!). And we keep learning. Anything we don’t know we will find out. So we can help you find the items that will help you keep your paperwork in order just the way you want it.

The tips included above are general, but everyone is unique and we can help find the best products to help you achieve your goal

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