How to organise your desk for maximum productivity

Organise Your DeskIf your desk looks like a bomb has hit it, then it’s probably not going to be the most efficient place for you to work. Working in a cluttered environment without an organised desk only causes distractions and often makes us feel disorganised.

A well-organised working space has a lot of advantages, including making you feel you’re in control of what you’re doing and eliminates any objects in your way that could distract you. These factors result in higher productivity and gear you towards success.

We’ve come up with some tips on how to organise your desk, maximising your productivity when you’re at work.

Clean out your desk

The first step in creating an organised office desk is to clear out the clutter that’s currently taking up space. This could take you hours if you’re particularly messy and haven’t done any filing in a while. But once you have a clean desktop, you can begin organising your space properly.

Create an in-tray

When people drop things off on your desk to look at, make sure they have a place to put them so they don’t end up cluttering your clean space. You can also create another tray to put any documents in that you’re currently working on or that you want to work on, so at the end of the day you have a place in which to put tidy papers.

Organise your drawers

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find another pen when the one you’re using runs out.

To avoid wasting time rummaging in your drawers, buy some organisers and sort out your desk accessories, giving each office stationery item its place. Try and put as much as you can away into your drawers and out of sight, so you have a clean and productive space to work from.

Make use of storage areas

The most frequently used items should go in your desk draws for easy access. For less frequently used or larger items make use of the storage areas you might already have in your office. Clear out any cupboards and re-organise them so they’re a more functional space.

Create two separate areas for your work

The first area for your work is going to be your computer and keyboard and probably where you’ll spend most of your time completing your work.

Then make space for the second zone. This area in your office should allow you to step away from your computer and allow you to complete other tasks without the distraction of email. It could be a couch where you read through documents or another desk space where you use your iPad. No matter where and for what purpose, it really helps to have another area where you can step away from your computer for a while each day.

An office space ready for ultimate productivity

The trick to a productive office space is keeping it tidy. At the end of each day, make sure you take five minutes to put everything back in the correct place and clear the desk again.

This will help you feel organised the moment you walk in the door the next day. Do you have any tips for creating a productive workspace?

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